Enamel Restoration
Rosanna Polizzotto

Conservator Restoration at its Best
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If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and I will respond promptly.

Do you do plique a jour?

That is the most frequently asked question.  Yes, I do.  I've been repairing plique a jour for fifteen years.

Do you do guilloche enamel?

I do all types of enamel, except for cloisonne and niello.  When it comes to guilloche the perfection of the repair depends on a few factors, such as how deep is the damage.  Under the transparent enamel is a pearl finish that is actually part of the tooling done on the metal.  When that pearl finish is gone it is actually a damage to the tooling.  This tends to shadow.  On the lighter colors the repair can show, as a shadow, though I have had great success with many light colored pieces.  The best colors are deeper and tend to shadow less.  Think of transparent enamel as panes of glass through which you can see.

Is lacquer enamel?

It's enamel paint that is applied differently than vitreous enamel.  I do not work on lacquer. 

Do you work on costume jewelry?

Yes, that's where I started doing enameling.  I only work on hight-end costume.  I can reproduce the style and technique of the important designers of the thirties and forties, such as Trifari, Coro, Boucher, etc.  I can also repair poured glass pieces. 

Do you do vintage compacts?

I do all vintage compacts, both painted and vitreous enamel.  The painted compacts, such as Fisher are done to exact color.  Guilloche compacts and vinaigrette are also taken on.  When a damage to a compact is so deep that the repair would show, I suggest putting a floral on it to cover the damage.  I can also strip the existing enamel and redo in cold enamel. 

Can you simply explain the different types of enamel?

Champleve:  Metal is scooped out leaving a design of cells to be enameled.

Basse Taille/Guillachiere:  Design is carved in the metal and shows through the transparent enamel.

Plique a jour:  Metal is formed to make a design and enamel is used to fill the cells without a metal base.  Not unlike stained glass.

If a scene is badly damaged can you put back the images?

I can.  This type of scenic work is very challenging and keeps the work fresh.  I do enjoy doing scenics.

When sending cufflinks or earrings, should I send both though only one need repair?

Yes, send both pieces.  I will need to match the finish on the repaired piece to the original.

How do  I ship?

I usually ship via US Postal Service.  Anything valued over $1000 I prefer to ship Registered Insured
Mail.  The insurance rate is more economical for Registered mail. The client pays for shipping.  (I've read that Harry Winston always used Registered Insured Mail, even for the Hope Diamond).   When sending items please include an invoice and let me know the amount for which you want it insured upon return.

What kind of payment do you accept?

When your pieces are ready I send them out with an invoice.  I accept checks, cash and Postal Money Orders.  Payment is due upon receipt of package.

What is your turnaround?

It depends on the complexity of the piece, number of pieces and my work load.  My turnaround is usually Three to six weeks on average.

Can I come to the Studio?

Yes, by appointment only.

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